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A commercial mortgage can provide you with the right foundation for your small business.

You can increase your assets by building your business location. With every upgrade, expansion or renovation, you’re adding value to your property, and procuring the space needed to attract more customers or to streamline operations. You can achieve all these with a commercial mortgage. Making smart financing moves can give your business a firmer foundation – not just literally but fiscally.

Commercial mortgages can be used for practically any property need.

Commercial mortgages are as flexible as they come. Are you new to entrepreneurship? Why not put down 10% and buy your very first location. And if you’re an old timer, you can benefit by acquiring a second site or some cash upgrades with your commercial mortgage. And for those who have been around for a long time, you can actually reduce your monthly payments through refinancing.

Whatever you might need, be it an office, a retail, warehouse space, or restaurant, you can always depend on commercial mortgage to help you get your desired location.

Here are some of the benefits of a commercial mortgage:

  • Buying – Stop leasing and become a property owner! Leverage some great financing and acquire that piece of property you’ve always wanted.
  • Building – Need the perfect space to run your business? Why not create one! You can cover your reconstruction costs with a commercial mortgage.
  • Expansion - As your business continues to grow, you must find ways to grow your location to match the business. If you think you’ve outgrown your location, add some additional square footage.
  • Remodeling - Attract more customers by renovating an outdated or older location. This can lead to some amazing upgrades especially for retailers and restaurants.
  • Refinancing – Adjust your interest rate and extend payment term by using commercial mortgage to refinance.

It’s easy to qualify – Provided you’ve designed a blueprint for using the cash.

Commercial mortgages are asset-based loans, which is why your commercial mortgage rate and loan amount are largely dependent on the exact value of your collateral property and credit. So it might be easier to finance a prime space in Los Angeles for example, than a rural unit a couple of hours outside Fargo, North Dakota. This is something you should consider when deciding on a place to build or buy…

You lender will definitely want to know the nature of upgrade you intend to make on the property. The lender will also want to assess the property’s after-repair value (ARV) if you’re doing a full-scale property renovation. Before applying, make sure you have a concrete plan of how you intend to use the mortgage – this way; you’ll be better equipped to answer your lender’s questions.

Here are some property-related documents that your lender might ask you to provide:

  • Purchase contract
  • Property blueprints
  • Market analysis on the property
  • Scope of the work and project budget
  • An assessment of the existing condition of the property
P.S. Why not check out the commercial mortgage options available to you while rounding up those vital documents? You can compare different options from our lenders through our online application. And you don’t have to worry about probable cost or obligation.

Low interest rates have positive effects on curb appeal.

Apart from being flexible, a commercial mortgage is also cost effective. You know you’re getting a great deal, when you realize the interest rates are just 4.25%.

You can use our calculator to determine your monthly payments. Just input the necessary numbers and leave the math to us.

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