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Merchant Services

Accept credit cards even in some restricted industries.

Startup Capital

Have a dream and a 700 FICO get up to $250,000.

$1 Billion

Have a project and need some serious money.

We get you the money you need when you need it.

Operating In The Black is a full service Alternate Business Financing Consulting Firm. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs obtain business loans, and credit lines.

It is a fact that 97% of all business loans happen outside the nation’s largest banking institutions. We knew we had to disrupt the traditional forms of lending in order to provide a better, viable solution for business owners. In doing so, we also introduced an appealing alternative to a new generation of business owners who were keen to find better deals than those available at the big box conventional banks.

This symbiotic relationship, coupled with our investments in digital technology, Private Money, Traditional Lenders and Alternative Lenders, give us the resources to meet the demand of today business owner. Today’s constantly changing and volatile business environment, business owners must be ever ready to seek new venues to remain competitive. OITB, we address these needs with flexible financing solutions, financial expertise and 21st century technology to help perpetuate the long-term success of your business.

Simple process we are with you all the way.

The availability of working capital is the key reason why a small business survives and makes it to the next level. Not having to worry about how to fund an expansion, purchase new equipment or open a second location enables business owners to focus on growth instead of chasing after banks.

Toll Free Number: 800 - 450 - 8054 ext. 842

Monday – Friday | 9am – 9pm Eastern Time

Keeping your business fully funded is why we are here.

We won’t ask you for a complicated business plan, growth projections or plan your steps on how to use the funding either.

We help you secure your business’s future with a short-term Small Business Loan¹ up to $250,000. Don’t worry about not having physical assets or a low credit score.

Operating In The Black places business performance, cash flow and potential at the center of the approval process. Approvals are fast and easy.

It is our great pleasure to participate in the American dream. Where ones hard work and dedication to their stated craft builds the fabric of what we all know and love. We pride ourselves in our profession and look forward to helping you grow your business . You can have great confidence in knowing that we desire to be your finance team.

Today is perfect to get a small business loan.

You will be glad you did.

Monday - Friday | 9am - 9pm Eastern Time


We are here to give business owners the opportunity to get the most money at the lowest rates with the best terms

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