Productivity apps that will boost your productivity in business.

I am so excited to welcome you back to the blog after I took some break off. To kick off the blog of the week is list apps that will boost your productivity in business. Running a successful business takes a lot of dedication, hard work and consistency but you cant achieve all these without the right tools. These tools which I choose to call apps will aid to increase how productive you become in running your business.
So without further ado the last jump right into the topic of the day:

Productivity apps that will boost your productivity in business.

Evernote: This app tops the list of the most productive apps for me.right now as  I am typing this post with the Evernote app sitting on my corridor. How does the Evernote app help me become more productive if I may ask? Well, the Evernote app is a moving dairy or a diary on the go. You can save notes with reminders attached to images inclusive. So let’s assume you are on a bus and an idea pops up your head and you don’t have your diary or a notebook to pen it down, the evermore app comes in.

Another amazing thing about Evernote is that it also has an extension on chrome browser,  so it is available for your PC if you prefer that.

Google hangout: I just discovered this amazing app when a friend wanted to show me how to optimize my gig on Fiverr and there was no other quick option to use other than the regular zoom and screen sharing apps, so he recommended we use Google Hangout. Guess what, it has the most user-friendly interface I have seen in such app category. Aside from the screen sharing feature, there are also options for voice call, video call and the messaging option to. So how does this boast my productivity in business?
You can conduct business meetings with someone on another continent sitting in your dining table with your computer before you. You can decide to call your business partner on a video call and share your powerpoint presentation explaining or pitching a business idea to him or she, sounds cool right?

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Dropbox: Business deals with data, and this can come to inform of pictures, audio files, videos. These data have to exchange hand before few deals can be sealed. As a photographer,  imagine having tons of files images of videos to share with your client and don’t know how to easily get it to him without having to send to public places like social media platforms, Dropbox comes in here. Dropbox app allows you to share your files with anyone you wish to .example you can signup on dropbox and share an image, then copy the link and share with anyone you wish to access the file, quite easy that way.

Canva: This app is synonymous with anything design. As a business owner,  you need nicely designed flyers, logo, infographics and any type of design to pass a message. The canvas mobile app has tons of already designed graphics for any purpose you will need in business ranging from flyers, YouTube channel art, logos, page cover, letterhead etc. It has every answer to your graphics demands. 

At this junction, will draw the curtain for today’s blog post productivity apps that will boost your productivity in business. I am hopeful that you must have learnt a thing or two from this post and should be implementing very soon. I will be here to receive your feedback on any of the apps you have tried.


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